Safety Tips for Sprinter Vans

Safety Features on Sprinter Vans There are many reasons why you might want to purchase one of our sprinter vans: you have a large family, own a business that needs an accommodating vehicle, or own a shuttle business. One thing is certain, however, you will want to be safe while you or one of your…


Should I Look For Limos For Sale?

Is It Worth It To Look For Limos For Sale? Never the most common vehicle on the road and always the most stunning, limousines have eased their way into elite circles and stayed in the center of the public eye for generations. Owning, or even riding, in a limousine means something special is happening. That…


Preparing for a Coach Bus Tour

What to Bring on Your Coach Bus Tour. As coach bus tours have exploded in popularity over the past few years, coach buses have become extremely useful. The seats are comfortable, and there is often some form of entertainment. However, there are definitely things that you can bring along on your tour that can improve…

neat & clean coach bus from coachwest

Help Guests Feel Welcomed on Your Coach Bus

Tips For Ensuring a Welcoming Ride on Your Coach Bus For over twenty years, the team at Coachwest has been providing livery services, funeral companies, and adventurous buyers with top-of-the-line luxury and professional vehicles. Throughout this time, we’ve built valuable and rewarding relationships with businesses and buyers. By providing you with useful and reliable information…


SUV Limo Vehicle Safety Tips

SUV Limo Vehicle Safety Tips Among the many high-class offerings available at Coachwest is the SUV limo. These vehicles are fully equipped with all the amenities, including a full bar, incredible sound systems, and video screens. Awesome as they are, SUV limos can be difficult to navigate, especially in crowded urban areas with lots of…

happy people in a safely-operated coach bus

Coach Bus Safety Tips

Safety Tips for Operating a Coach Bus You will often transport small or medium-sized groups of people while operating your coach bus. For this reason, among many others, it is important that you be mindful of the safety of your passengers. You will have to maintain a clean driving record to be able to continue…