Luxury Mercedes sprinter van parked in a fieldMercedes Sprinter Vans are the ultimate luxury vehicle, with the kind of comfort and extravagance you have to see to believe. With a variety of features and models, sprinters can be customized to suit your specific needs.

Why Choose a Mercedes Sprinter Van?

A Mercedes Sprinter Van combines the cargo area of a mini-bus with the luxury of a limousine. They provide the safety, comfort, and reliability synonymous with the Mercedes name, and prove fuel efficient for vehicles of their size.

Mercedes Sprinter Vans can be tailored for a variety of purposes. There are numerous designs for sprinters. They are commonly built for use as touring buses, executive shuttle buses, party buses, mobile offices, and recreational vehicles.

The Mercedes Sprinter Vans at CoachWest in Los Angeles fall into two main categories: Shuttle and Limousine. The options are boundless inside these categories, with one thing in common among them all: extravagance. The quality construction and innovative design give our vehicles optimal resale value.

Van Builders Who Customize Our Mercedes Sprinter Vans for Sale

Whether used as your personal vehicle or a commercial van, Mercedes Sprinters are especially popular for their limitless customization options. This includes adding ladders, solar panels, shelves, racks, and other accessories that make it easier to organize and transport cargo

Caleche USA:

Caleche USA builds luxury vehicles primarily for touring purposes. Focused on sprinter vans that are able to give tours any time of year, regardless of the climate or weather conditions. Our world has unlimited beauty, and with Caleche, tour operators can offer luxurious experiences and panoramic views 365 days a year.

Executive Coach:

Executive Coach is a leading Mercedes Sprinter Van conversion company in California. Executive Coach sprinters offer superior quality and first-class amenities. Choose from different models like the Sprinter Limousine, Sprinter Shuttle, and Sprinter Corporate to best suit your needs.

L.A. West Coaches:

With world-class design and innovation, L.A. West makes custom builds for A-List clientele. L.A. West defines itself as a “world leader in lifestyle enhanced luxury coach design and haute couture automotive excellence.”

Browse Mercedes Sprinter Vans for Sale

Committing to a Mercedes Sprinter Van isn’t hard once you’ve experienced its sophisticated design, abundant space, and endless potential for customization. For more than 30 years, CoachWest has earned a loyal customer base with our high standard of excellence. View our inventory, give us a call at 310-609-2900, or come to CoachWest to take a look at Mercedes Sprinter Vans for sale in Carson.