Mercedes Sprinter Vans for Sale

Mercedes is best known for being a luxury brand, and the Mercedes Sprinter Van is no exception. It is a cross between a limousine and a van with a variety of different features inside the different models to meet different needs.

If you find yourself in need of transportation and want more space than a regular car and more luxury than the average bus or van, you just may think that the Mercedes Sprinter Van was designed just for you. Mercedes Sprinter Vans offer spacious and magnificent interiors and innovative and lavish designs all around. They provide the kind of comfort and freedom that you will have to see to believe.

Why Choose a Mercedes Sprinter Van?

The benefits of buying a Coachwest Mercedes Sprinter Van are countless. These vehicles offer the space of a small bus or limousine with the height of a van and the luxurious branding that Mercedes is best known for. Mercedes Sprinter Vans are available with many different layouts and can function as lavish tour buses, executive shuttle buses, party-bus style limousines, traveling executive offices, RVs, or just about any other idea you might have for a large and luxurious form of transportation.

The Mercedes Sprinter Vans that we offer at Coachwest fall into two main categories:  Shuttle and Limousine. The vans in both categories offer different styles to cater to any specific needs you may have, but the common denominator among all of them is extravagance.

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The very essence of Caleche USA-is focused on allowing operators to extract revenue from offering Luxury tours any time of the year, regardless of the climate or weather conditions. The world we live in has unlimited beauty to offer and now Operators can truly offer some Luxury Panoramic Experience 365 days a year.

Executive Coach:

With Executive Coach Sprinters, you’ll find nothing less than quality and superior features. Choose from the Sprinter Limousine, Sprinter Shuttle and Sprinter Corporate to best suit your needs.

LA West Luxury Coaches:

L.A. West is a definitive world leader in Lifestyle Enhanced Luxury Coach Design and Haute Couture Automotive Excellence for people in the know. For over three decades now our world class design and engineering team has been dreaming up and bringing to life some of the most innovative and highly sought after custom vehicles on the planet. With a clientele ranging from heads of state, to captains of industry, athletes, artists, entertainers, and custom automotive enthusiasts from all walks of life – we are driven to exceed expectations with best in class luxury coach and executive transportation solutions.  As a select Master-Upfitter for the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter platform, L.A. West is infinitely capable of custom tailoring a luxury or livery solution to suit the exact needs of even the most discerning client.


Joining the Coachwest Family

Committing to a Mercedes Sprinter Van is not hard once you experience its sophisticated design and the abundant space that it offers. Coming to Coachwest to buy yours is the only logical decision! Not only will you be met with luxury and integrity, you will also be afforded service long after your initial purchase. Our professional team will outfit you with the Mercedes Sprinter Van that best meets your needs, and we provide you with products and services that will make you a loyal and satisfied member of the Coachwest family.

We have over twenty years of experience in meeting the transportation needs of those who come through our doors, and our high standard of excellence has earned us the most loyal customer-base in our industry. From quality construction and innovative design to optimal resale value, we provide vehicles, products and services that will boost your experience to a five-star level. From sales to service, every member of our staff will make sure to meet your needs and treat you as the valued customer that you are.