Metal urn during a funeral ceremony.

How the Funeral Business Is Changing

The funeral business is rapidly changing as more customers choose to memorialize their loved ones in ever-evolving ways. For example, people are choosing to opt for cremations and green burials more than ever before. In response, funeral business owners need to evolve to match their customer’s demands. Today, Coachwest will discuss the many ways funerals…

Casket being loaded onto hearse

Selecting the Best Funeral Car

Choosing a hearse isn’t just like choosing a normal car. Funeral cars have a distinct purpose, and it’s important that when the time comes you know how to select the right one for your needs. Coachwest gives a list of things to think about before selecting a funeral car. How Far Are You Traveling? Funeral…


Buying A Funeral Car

If you are looking to purchase a funeral car, there are several things you should take into account. In this blog, the experts at Coachwest provide you with helpful information to ensure that your funeral car buying experience is a good one! Tips For Buying A Funeral Car Buying a funeral car is just like…


Limousine Driving Etiquette

If you drive a limo for a living, you are obviously concerned with the safety and happiness of your riders. If you are wondering how you can really step up your service, this blog from Coachwest is perfect for you! Helpful Limo Etiquette Tips And Tricks The following tips and tricks will ensure that your…


Cleaning A Vehicle’s Tire Rims

Whether you are a professional driver that is responsible for chauffeuring people to special occasions, or if you are the owner of a family vehicle who chauffeurs your children to school, you want your car to look good and function well. In this blog, Coachwest explains how you can easily and effectively clean your vehicle’s…


Rust Removal Secrets

If you are a proud car owner who just found a rust stain on their beloved vehicle, you might be wondering how you can reverse the damage done. In this blog from Coachwest Luxury And Professional Motorcars, you will find information on how you can quickly and easily remove rust from your vehicle. Before You…