Hearse With Its Back Door Open

Hearse & Funeral Car FAQs

Hearses are vehicles you don’t want to see but are a necessary part of our society. Despite their negative connotations, hearses, more properly called funeral cars, allow a loved one’s family to mourn with dignity and respect during a trying and difficult time. See answers to frequently asked questions about hearses and funeral cars in…

Interior of a luxury limousine bus

Limousine Bus FAQs

Limousine buses have become a popular means of transportation for large groups of friends, family, or staff who are looking to have a good time while on the road! Limousine buses provide a safe and stylish way to travel in luxury. In today’s blog, CoachWest keeps you informed by answering frequently asked questions about limousine…

Executive Coach Sprinter from coach west

How To Prepare Your Executive Coach Sprinter For The Coming Winter Months, CoachWest

When winter rolls around, drivers need the proper skill set and equipment to effectively maneuver an Executive Coach Sprinter or any large-scale fleet. CoachWest offers luxurious coach bus rentals equipped with state-of-the-art features and seating capacities of up to 40 persons. Fleets that are large and loaded with technology require thorough inspection and daily upkeep…