From its humble beginnings in 1982, Eagle Coach Company has continuously strived to design and manufacture high quality professional vehicles that exceed customer expectations. Today, over thirty (30) years later, Eagle Coach Company is arguably the recognized industry leader in overall quality, style, innovation and customer satisfaction. In 2006, Eagle expanded its manufacturing facility in response to growing customer demand, and now also offers a complete line-up of six-door limousines, along with its other specialty vehicles. In 2011, Eagle was first to the market with the new Lincoln MKT coaches, and in 2013 is first to market the all-new Cadillac XTS coaches and limousines with fully-painted roofs and with an Urn Enclave in every coach.

Eagle Coach Company is a customer-driven professional vehicle manufacturer that can trace its origins back to the 1940s and the armored car legend Hess & Eisenhardt. When Hess & Eisenhardt sold its Cincinnati funeral coach division in the early 1980’s, Eagle Coach Company was established, retaining a team of talented and experienced employees. Since then, Eagle Coach Company has grown and has earned a reputation for building the highest quality, most tastefully styled professional cars in the industry.

Expect Excellence is more than a slogan; it’s actually the driving force behind what has made Eagle successful. The funeral coaches, six-door limousines and other specialty vehicles used by funeral directors create a lasting impression on the families they serve. Eagle Coach Company is dedicated to producing the highest quality professional vehicles that reflect positively on the funeral homes that use them.

When you purchase an Eagle professional vehicle… Expect excellence.