interior of SUV limo

Maintaining the Interior of your SUV Limo

Once you’ve purchased your new SUV Limo from Coachwest Luxury Performance & Motorcars, it will likely see a lot of use. Frequent use — especially since your passengers may want to start the night off right with some drinks or kick their feet up for a snooze on the way back from the airport — will start to leave wear and tear on the interior of the vehicle. Passengers may spill a drink, scuff the leather, track in dirt and grime onto your floor mats, and more.

You will want to know the best ways to manage the interior of your SUV limo. In all, it shouldn’t be a massive undertaking, but it does require a bit of know-how and awareness. Since your SUV limo is so decked out with features, it will have many fine seams, cracks, finishes, and different surfaces that need to be cared for. Today, Coachwest shares tips for maintaining the interior of your SUV limo, so your passengers can have a luxury riding experience every time they call you up.


Your carpet or floor mats will likely receive the most regular wear and tear. You never know what kinds of things your passengers may track in, or what kind of footwear they may be sporting, but maintaining spotless carpets is a must. There are many carpet cleaners on the market, some of which work well enough.

The most reliable way to thoroughly clean the floor mats of your SUV limo, though, is to use a steam cleaner. These can easily be rented or purchased from many stores dealing with carpet. Some auto sales shops will also carry steamers.

Steam works its way deep into the fibers of your carpet much deeper than a simple spray-on cleaner will, which makes it a good go-to for all carpet cleaning.


An SUV limo often has leather seating inside. Leather is a reliable material because it is resilient and doesn’t pick up odors and stains the same way cloth seating will. However, one thing leather is particularly good at retaining is oily or greasy stains. You will want to find a good leather cleaner and conditioner to deal with whatever substances may tarnish your leather seating. Conditioning will also protect the leather from heat and sun damage, which is vital if you’re not keeping your limo in a garage or other covered space.

Nooks & Crannies

Perhaps the most important part of cleaning the interior of your SUV limo is going to be making sure that you’re eliminating as much accumulated dirt and dust as you can, even in the smallest nooks and crannies. This can be achieved by investing in a powerful vacuum with a detachable hose that will allow you to reach smaller places in your interior. Regardless of how much cleaning you do with wipes and sprays, residual dirt can slowly build and damage the leather of your SUV limo.

Q-tips are also a good way to get into smaller spots where spills have left spots or become sticky. Simply soak one in whatever cleaning solution you’re using and go to work.

New & Used SUV Limo Sales at Coachwest

Coachwest deals in new and used SUV limos, among other luxury vehicles. We make sure to examine and detail all of our used vehicles, so we have plenty of experience working with the interiors of many cars. Check out the Coachwest inventory for more awesome luxury vehicles, including the luxury SUV limo to complete your lineup.