SUV Limo Vehicle Safety Tips

Among the many high-class offerings available at Coachwest is the SUV limo. These vehicles are fully equipped with all the amenities, including a full bar, incredible sound systems, and video screens.

Awesome as they are, SUV limos can be difficult to navigate, especially in crowded urban areas with lots of traffic. Because of their bulk, these vehicles can have trouble making tight turns or handling inclines. For tips on ensuring that none of your passengers spill their champagne, read on.

Be Prepared

No one wants to deal with a flat or another emergency while on the road in an SUV limo, but if something like this should happen, you want to be prepared to deal with it effectively. As a driver, you would do well to make sure before every trip that your tires are properly inflated, your mirrors are clean, that you have a spare tire, and that there are no other issues with your vehicle. Other useful precautions would include keeping jumper cables or a first aid kit on hand.

Pace Yourself

Your passengers may be in a hurry or they may just want to enjoy the ride. Either way, it won’t pay for you to rush to your destination. Because you’re in such a large vehicle, it will take you longer to slow down in the event that you need to brake suddenly. This could easily cause you to rear-end another vehicle or upset one of your passengers. Remember that your top priority should be making sure that whoever is riding with you has a safe and comfortable drive, and compromising that in any way can leave you in trouble.

Drive Defensively

Other drivers are going to throw their hands up and try to drive around you. They will think of your SUV limo like a city bus, making frequent stops and slowing traffic down to a crawl. Because of this and because of the sheer length of your vehicle, you will want to maintain constant awareness of the traffic situation around you. This means regularly checking all of your mirrors and your rear camera if one is available. With the added length of your SUV limo, it will be harder to get a read on when it is safe to change lanes or swing out wide to make a tight turn. Be sure to signal early and give other vehicles ample time to recognize your intentions.

Buy Your SUV Limo at Coachwest

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