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How to Clean and Detail your Coach Bus

When driving a coach bus, your passengers will expect a clean and luxurious ride. This means you will have to spend time cleaning and detailing your vehicle. And if you are out on long trips with your group, it may be smart to do some light cleaning when you have a chance, in order to minimize your workload later. It will also keep your ride a little cleaner when your passengers return from sightseeing or whatever activities they may be enjoying on their travels.

With over 20 years of experience selling high-end luxury vehicles including coach buses, sprinter vans, SUV limos, and more, Coachwest knows the importance of a tidy vehicle. Here, we share some of our expertise and offer some tips for maintaining and detailing your coach bus.

Surface Cleaning

This is the simple stuff, cleaning you can handle on the road as necessary. Because you don’t want to be meddling around where your passengers may be keeping onboard bags or small luggage, the areas you will want to clean will largely be contained to aisles, your own seating area, and any obvious messes on handrails or steps that may be a hazard.

For these kinds of jobs, you will likely want to use just a basic cleaner, nothing volatile that may leave a lasting aroma that could irritate your guests. A simple glass cleaner and all-purpose cleaner should suffice.

Areas to Check

Your coach bus probably has a lot of storage space, and your guests may invent more if they’re traveling with you for a long time. Be sure to check luggage racks, under seats, in the restroom (if your coach bus has one) and more. You should pick up large trash items like discarded food bags, cups, wrappers, or whatever else, whenever you see them. Regularly checking these areas will also give you a chance to ensure that no dirt or dust is building up. If you notice any dirt or dust, a wet cloth or paper towel should be enough to handle the mess.

You should also check any storage areas underneath the bus. While these are less likely to accumulate trash, passengers may have stored something in their luggage that may leak or stain the luggage of other passengers. This is a simple courtesy which shouldn’t make much time, but can really boost your guests’ satisfaction with their ride.

Deep Cleaning

Once your passengers have completed their trip and you take your coach bus back to the garage, you will want to take time to examine all of the seating areas for stains, spills, crumbs, etc. Once you’ve vacuumed or picked up all of the solid messes, you should direct your focus toward fabric stains or tears. These may require a bit more time and elbow grease than other light messes, but with the right fabric cleaners and microfiber rags, you can return your seats to like-new. After this, a full cleaning of the entire interior and exterior of the coach bus will help it look like you’ve just driven it off the lot.

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