happy people in a safely-operated coach bus

Safety Tips for Operating a Coach Bus

You will often transport small or medium-sized groups of people while operating your coach bus. For this reason, among many others, it is important that you be mindful of the safety of your passengers. You will have to maintain a clean driving record to be able to continue working as a coach bus operator, which will likely entail some certifications and perhaps a commercial driver’s license (CDL), depending on the state in which you are driving.

Chances are, however, that if you are operating a coach bus then you have likely already been through training and screening for illicit substances which may impair your ability to operate a large and heavy vehicle safely. Regardless, Coachwest would still like to take some time to remind you of important tips to ensure that you are remaining as safe as possible at all times while operating this type of vehicle.

Eat Well

Strange as this may sound at first, a driver’s diet impacts their ability to focus on the road. Since driving may require long periods of sitting, eating heavy meals – like the ones most easily acquired while on the road – can make you feel drowsy and sluggish, compromising your alertness.

Opt for lighter options while you’re on the road if you can. Meals like salads, nuts and seeds, and water instead of sugary energy drinks or soda will provide your body with necessary nutrition without weighing you down. Similarly, try to move as much as you can when you make stops. If you’ve been sitting for a couple hours, it’s probably a good idea to move your body and get your blood moving.

Sit Comfortably

If you’re having to shift in your seat frequently to find a comfortable position, you may need to simply take a break and move a bit – or you may need to adjust your seat. Small differences in posture and alignment can make big differences. Make sure you are able to comfortably look at all your mirrors without any straining and that your arms are mostly relaxed while holding the wheel. You should be able to operate all of your controls without much reaching or overextending.

Be Proactive

As the driver of a coach bus, you’re in charge of a much heavier and larger vehicle than many others on the highway. Try to anticipate problems on the road as much as you can. This means maintaining the speed limit, staying mostly in the right lane, and not following other vehicles closely. Because you’re hauling passengers, you will want to maintain a fair amount of distance to allow for slow and gentle braking.

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