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Steps to Becoming a Licensed Coach Bus Driver

Becoming a professional coach bus driver can be an excellent way to not only earn an income but see parts of the world you may not have gotten to experience otherwise. If you are interested in a career as a coach bus driver but are unsure how to get the process started you have come to the right place. Luckily for those aspiring drivers, it is not as difficult of an industry to get into as you may think. Today, Coachwest discusses the steps you need to follow in order to become a licensed coach bus driver.

Steps to Becoming a Coach Bus Driver

Professional coach bus drivers are required to have their commercial drivers license or CDL. Typically, aspiring drivers will first obtain their CDL permit, then spend six months driving alongside someone who has their CDL prior to testing for their own license. The CDL permit test is a written test followed by a driving test, similar to when you obtained your personal driver’s license.

You will also have to pass a DOT physical exam because the Department of Transportation requires that commercial drivers have the physical capability to safely drive large vehicles. This exam can include health history, vital sign checks, a blood examination, and visual ability tests.

After your DOT exam, you will want to find a training program in your area or attend a driving school at a technical college. While most CDL training courses are focused on truck drivers, these programs will give you the experience you need to earn a CDL.

While these methods can both get you the experience needed, often times paid CDL training schools offer on the job training and may cover many of your training expenses in exchange for you driving for them for a set period of time after completion of your CDL training. Either method will get you the experience you need, but it is important to research all the requirements that go along with your selected training program before you commit to one.

As a note, if you have a suspended license or a history of major traffic violations, you may not be eligible for a CDL. It is very important that you maintain a clean driving record if you plan to pursue a commercial driving career.

Gain Work Experience

After you have become licensed to drive a commercial vehicle, most bus companies will ask that you have some commercial driving experience before they will hire you. Jobs like driving delivery, equipment, and merchandising trucks will accept freshly-licensed drivers because there aren’t any passengers on board. Once you have obtained around two years of experience you can begin applying for coach bus positions. After you have found a position you can begin to experience the joy of driving a coach bus. You will be able to see the world, experience things, and meet people that you would not have gotten a chance to without this career.

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