A Convoy of Armored SUV Limos

A Look at the Safest SUV Limos on the Planet

Most of us love the idea of owning one of the limousines for sale at Coachwest Luxury Performance & Motorcars. Limousines inherently make us think of class, prestige, and wealth. Most people cannot help but turn their heads when a limousine passes them by on the street, but did you know there is another subset of limousines that goes beyond wealth and status? These armored limos and SUV limos make up a class entirely of their own.

Whether they indicate the owner’s prestige, power, or valuable cargo, it can be difficult to tell, but they are fascinating vehicles nonetheless. Some of these armored SUV limos are occupied by diplomats, but some exist purely for the private market.

The Huron

Less of an SUV limo and more of a post-apocalyptic survival vehicle, the Huron can withstand grenades and gunfire. Only military and police forces can purchase this vehicle. The Huron can transport up to 16 passengers, has gun ports, and can come with a gun turret on the roof.

This tactical vehicle can come equipped with a system capable of inflating a bullet-pierced tire on the go. The price tag hits as heavy as the vehicle looks, coming in at about $500,000.

Chevrolet Suburban

A Canadian company takes the family-oriented Chevrolet Suburban and redesigns it with ultimate protection in mind. This armored SUV does not have quite the same firepower and defenses as the Huron, but it works well enough to chauffer U.N. chemical weapons inspectors in Syria.

Knight XV

It sounds like a vehicle Batman might use to patrol the streets of Gotham, and the Knight XV does come with protection in mind. This SUV Limo does not forego luxury for the sake of safety. The vehicle can come wool carpets and suede interiors. This heavy duty monster hits nearly 13,000 lbs and is lightly armored everywhere, keeping its cargo and passengers safe in just about any situation.

The Beast

No one knows exactly how tricked out the presidential SUV limo truly is, but we know this armored vehicle comes with tear gas canisters and shotguns. Rumor has it that the armored limo comes equipped with rocket launchers, too. Either way, this beast really takes security to a new level with up to 8-inches of armor in some key spots.

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