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Tips For Ensuring a Welcoming Ride on Your Coach Bus

For over twenty years, the team at Coachwest has been providing livery services, funeral companies, and adventurous buyers with top-of-the-line luxury and professional vehicles. Throughout this time, we’ve built valuable and rewarding relationships with businesses and buyers. By providing you with useful and reliable information about our vehicles, how to maintain them, how to keep them clean, how to operate them safely, and more, we hope to continue building these relationships.

Here we take a look at a few things you can do to ensure that your guests have the best experience riding in your coach bus. After all, having a nice vehicle alone won’t be the big selling point for your service. Offering passengers an experience of their ride that is welcoming, accommodating, and enjoyable will keep them booking with you.

Know Your Interior

Not all interiors are made alike. Some coach buses will have real leather seating while others may have a synthetic leather or other fabric. Knowing the materials in the interior of your coach bus means also knowing what kinds of cleaners are acceptable for dealing with stains, spills, and other messes your interior may suffer along the way. Spot cleaning, while guests are out touring a new city or attraction, is a great way to show them a level of care and attention to your own vehicle and to the cleanliness of their space that they will always appreciate.

Practice Courteous Driving

As an operator of a coach bus, practicing courteous driving means not only being courteous to other drivers on the road but driving in a way that will not be disturbing to your guests. While you may get annoyed with a particularly slow semi-truck in front of you, whipping the coach bus into another lane to make a pass can not only jar your passengers around, but it can be dangerous to other drivers. Be patient as you operate your vehicle, and remember that it is significantly larger than most other vehicles on the roadway.

Greet Your Guests at The Door

Simple though this gesture may be, greeting your guests as they arrive back to your coach bus after seeing a show, visiting an attraction, or whatever they may be up to lets them know that they are welcomed and appreciated. Ask them about how the event went, help them up the steps if they need assistance, and make sure everyone has everything they need before you depart. These minor courtesies go a long way in helping your guests feel accommodated.

Find the Best Coach Bus with Coachwest

If you’re looking to upgrade your coach bus to something with distinction, class, and style, check out the inventory of luxury vehicles at Coachwest. We have bus models from Ford, Federal Coach, Executive Coach Builders, and Embassy. For more information on our inventory, please contact Coachwest at (310) 609-2900.