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Businesses You Can Start by Purchasing a Coach Bus

Starting your own transportation service can be a very lucrative business. With a coach bus, however, you are not limited to taxi service. In fact, there are many exciting potential businesses you can start with a coach bus. Today, Coachwest Luxury Performance & Motorcars discusses some of the less obvious potential business ventures you can start and how to get started. Keep reading below to find out more!

Potential Business Ventures With a Coach Bus

  • Party Bus – A party bus business can be a really exciting and fun business venture. That said, it does have some difficulties. You will work late hours and will work closely with people who have been drinking. All in all, a party coach bus can be a very entertaining and lucrative business opportunity.
  • Tour Guide – Do you love to travel and sightsee? Are you knowledgeable about history and geography and love to tell stories? If you said yes, a tour guide coach bus could be an ideal business for you to start. This job requires you spend lots of time on the road, and stay up to date on sights and interesting things about your chosen location. But if you have what it takes, a tour guide can be a very fulfilling business as you expose your guests to the wonders around them.
  • Band Tour Driver – If you love music and would like to be around potentially famous guests, becoming a band tour driver – or a roadie – could be an excellent business for you. You will get to travel to locations all over the country and will likely have the opportunity to meet some really talented musicians. While, at times, your guests may have some extra requirements – one driver described how the band he drove required that their sodas be stored alphabetically – a roadie can be an incredibly exciting venture. At the very least, you’re sure to have some great stories to share.
  • Non-Emergency Medical Transport – Non-emergency medical transportation can be a very lucrative business especially if you are able to secure a contract with local hospitals. You would be providing a valuable service that not only earns you an income but provides a much-needed service to your community.
  • Sports Team Transportation – Are you a sports fanatics? Driving a coach bus for a sports team could be an excellent business for you. While most of the professionals fly to their destination there are hundreds of semi-pro and amateur teams that are in need of steady transportation during their seasons. Experience life on the road and play an important part of a team’s success by starting a sports transportation business.

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