Accessories in a limo bus.

Aftermarket Accessories for Your Limo Bus

The difference between a standard limo bus experience and a luxurious experience usually comes down to some relatively inexpensive accessories you can add to your limo bus to really increase your client’s enjoyment. Oftentimes, it is the details that really allow limousine companies to set themselves apart from the rest. Today, Coachwest Luxury Performance would like to provide some tips about which accessories and amenities you should look to add to your limo bus to provide the luxury experience that will have your clients coming back again and again. Read below to learn more.

Amenities For Your Limo Bus

  • Fully Stocked Wet Bar – Most limousine services will offer alcohol in their limousines so their clients can enjoy a pre-party before they arrive at their destination, or to continue their party late into the night. Offering a fully-stocked alcohol selection with ice or a mini fridge can help to set your limo bus apart from the rest. Most limo buses will offer a few bottles of wine or champagne – you can offer much more to separate your limo service from the competition.
  • Entertainment Options – This amenity really becomes important when you are offering long trips to your clients. Something like a flat-screen TV, a DVD player, or a video game console will allow your clients to stay entertained during their trip. You do not necessarily even need to spend a lot of money on some of these options. While a flat screen TV may cost a couple hundred dollars, a DVD player can be purchased for as low as 30 dollars or so. The entertainment value and potential returning customers should pay for your investment quickly.
  • Premium Music – Another big focus for luxury limousines is offering premium music options for their clients. Installing surround sound theater-quality speakers and satellite radio allows your guests to enjoy some music while they wait to reach their destination. Some limo bus companies even install karaoke systems to keep their guests entertained.
  • Leather Seating with Heating – Offering heated seating can be an expensive upgrade but can really increase your guest’s comfort, especially if your business operates in cold weather climates. Offering premium leather is pretty standard for limousines but you can up the ante by installing “top grain” leather seating. Top grain leather is the smoothest, most natural type of leather surface money can buy and offers the most luxurious surface seating for a limo bus.

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