2020 Mercedes-Benz Executive Bus Builders SuperCoach 45 XL Coachwest

CoachWest Inventory Highlight: 2020 Mercedes-Benz Executive Bus Builders SuperCoach 45 XL

CoachWest specializes in luxury limousines, motorcoaches, and executive buses for a wide range of customers. Our inventory exudes class when you need to make a fantastic impression. Today’s blog from CoachWest features our gorgeous 2020 Mercedes-Benz Executive Bus Builders SuperCoach 45 XL. Travel in Luxury The 2020 Mercedes-Benz Executive Bus Builders SuperCoach 45 XL has…

Interior of luxury sprinter shuttle

What Makes a Sprinter Shuttle Luxurious?

Sprinter shuttles are an incredibly useful vehicle for transporting a large number of passengers, but many people don’t think of shuttles as luxurious. However, with the right design, features, and manufacturer, a sprinter shuttle can absolutely wow your guests. Today, the Coachwest team will discuss sprinter shuttles and how we work to ensure they are…

Chauffeur driving a luxury coach car

4 Rules Every Luxury Driver Should Follow

Professional drivers of luxury vehicles have a big responsibility. A driver’s client is everything to their business, so it’s important to give them the best experience possible in your vehicle. Coachwest has a few rules that every chauffeur should follow to ensure a tip-top experience for the customer. Customer First When it comes to driving,…


Buyer’s Guide: Limousines

Buying a new car can be stressful in itself. It is far more stressful if you are making an investment like the purchase of a limo. In this blog, Coachwest provides you with the information that you will need to ensure that you buy the perfect limo for your needs! Tips And Trick For Buying…


Buying A Funeral Car

If you are looking to purchase a funeral car, there are several things you should take into account. In this blog, the experts at Coachwest provide you with helpful information to ensure that your funeral car buying experience is a good one! Tips For Buying A Funeral Car Buying a funeral car is just like…


Limousine Driving Etiquette

If you drive a limo for a living, you are obviously concerned with the safety and happiness of your riders. If you are wondering how you can really step up your service, this blog from Coachwest is perfect for you! Helpful Limo Etiquette Tips And Tricks The following tips and tricks will ensure that your…


Rust Removal Secrets

If you are a proud car owner who just found a rust stain on their beloved vehicle, you might be wondering how you can reverse the damage done. In this blog from Coachwest Luxury And Professional Motorcars, you will find information on how you can quickly and easily remove rust from your vehicle. Before You…