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How to Drive Funeral Cars For a Living

Funeral car drivers are responsible for transporting the remains of the deceased from funeral homes to their final resting place. They drive vans, limousines, coaches, and other types of funeral cars depending on the needs of their clients. To become a funeral car driver you need a certain set of skills as well as the right licensing. To learn more about what it takes to drive funeral cars for a living, check out the rest of our Coachwest blog below!

Gain Experience Behind the Wheel

Becoming familiar and comfortable behind the wheel of a vehicle is the first step on your journey to driving funeral cars. Many people begin with a driving permit or with a driver’s education class to learn the basics. Depending on the state you live in, once you obtain your permit you may be required to log a certain number of hours driving with a licensed driver. After you have met the requirements and passed a driving skills test, you can obtain your driver’s license.

Obtain Correct Licensing for Funeral Cars

Depending on your state requirements you may be required to obtain a chauffeur’s license or a commercial driver’s license. This can be done by paying a fee and passing a driving test designed specifically for each license.

Develop People Skills

One of the most important aspects of driving funeral cars for a living is the ability to empathize and offer compassion to the relatives of the deceased. You should be able to connect and relate well with people with communication and interpersonal skills. If you are lacking these skills, that is okay! There are many programs and resources that you can take to help you develop these skills. From college courses to community programs there are a multitude of ways you can work on self-improvement if you want to be a successful funeral driver. Many colleges offer funeral directing courses which could be a great way to further progress your career after you have gained some experience.

Find a Place of Employment

There are a couple of ways you can go about for a job search. You could apply at existing funeral homes or hospitals, and join an existing team of funeral car drivers. Another option, especially if you received a degree in funeral service education, is to open your own funeral home. Whatever the case you are now ready to join the ranks of funeral car drivers!

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