How Coachwest Can Help You Become an UberLUX Driver

three women celebrating in limousine

Ever wish you could just order a limousine through a quick and easy app like Uber? It turns out you can. UberLUX is a branch of Uber that offers customer’s stylish, high-end vehicles for special occasions. For moments when you want to splurge and celebrate in style, you can easily request your Uber be a luxury vehicle through the Uber app.

But what if you’re already an Uber driver? With the help of Coachwest Luxury & Professional Motorcars, you can upgrade your ride and start making more money than you ever have before. Here’s how Coachwest can help you become an UberLUX driver.

Luxury Vehicles at Coachwest

Coachwest Luxury & Professional Motorcars is the place to go for stylish and elite luxury vehicles. We sell a variety of multi-passenger vehicles that are sure to make you more money in the Uber scene, from Executive Coach SUV Limousines to Caleche Panoramic Sprinter Vans.

A luxury vehicle is all about pleasing the senses, and high-quality vehicles that look and feel good, will make you look and feel good as well. Luxury vehicles offer drivers higher quality features and comfort, top line safety features, better warranties, and most importantly, better dependability. We know you spend a lot of time in your vehicle, so here at Coachwest we only sell specialty vehicles with your safety and comfort in mind.

Driving with Uber LUX

To become a driver with Uber LUX, you must have a certain type of luxury vehicle. Some examples include a Porsche Cayenne, Mercedes Benz S Class, Maserati, Rolls-Royce, or Audi A8. Since these high-end vehicles provide paying customers with luxury and style, they quickly become in high demand during surge hours.

Here are some benefits to becoming an UberLUX driver:

  1. Set your own schedule. This is your vehicle, your time, and your paycheck. You can drive when you want and earn what you need.
  2. Make great money. Luxury vehicles are always in demand. They allow people to see what hard work and dedication can bring to their lives the form of comfort and style.
  3. It’s easy. Like we mentioned before, driving for UberLUX allows you to drive when and where you want. You can accept rides in certain parts of town and not others, and you can set limits on the number of people in your vehicle. All accomplished from your smartphone.

Coachwest Luxury & Professional Motorcars

With a luxury vehicle from Coachwest, you could start earning great money through UberLUX today. Driving with UberLUX gives you a chance to make others happy and show off your own elite style as you hit the town in your luxury limousine or SUV. Visit our website at today to start your journey!