With a history dating back to 1876, S&S knows the coach and hearse business inside and out, and we are proud to have their funeral cars for sale.No other company has been in continuous operation since the pre-automotive era. This doesn’t mean their models are outdated. S&S has needed to keep up with the times to stay on top of the market, and today they continue to make some of the highest quality and sleekest hearses and coaches around. Take a look at the S&S funeral cars for sale from Coachwest.

S&S Funeral Cars for Sale at Coachwest

Funeral Cars for Sale: Lincoln 44” MKT Standard Glass
Lincoln 44” MKT Standard Glass

This limousine focuses on comfort. The Lincoln 44” MKT Standard Glass seats six comfortably in beautiful black leather. Center doors and a forward facing middle bench make getting in and out of the car simple and hassle free.

Funeral Cars for Sale: Cadillac XTS Medalist

Cadillac XTS Medalist

Style meets quality with the Cadillac XTS Medalist. This hearse offers a full reclining front seat and serious headroom, remote start, and a 78 degree opening range to its slide doors.

Funeral Cars for Sale- Cadillac XTS 47- Standard Glass

Cadillac XTS 47” Standard Glass

With a driver’s center overhead control panel, a vinyl padded top, and the widest degree of swing for any side door in the industry, the Cadillac XTS 47” Standard Glass limousine is built for comfort.

Funeral Cars for Sale: Cadillac XTS Victoria

Cadillac XTS Victoria

This vehicle comes fully equipped to handle any needs. Store extra equipment with under floor umbrella storage or transport urns with a specific carrier. Choose from a traditional left hinge or right hinge load door.

Funeral Cars for Sale- Lincoln MKT Majestic

Lincoln MKT Majestic

Lincoln leather seats, back-up sensors, reverse camera, and a built-in navigation system make this hearse comfortable and easy to drive.

Funeral Cars for Sale- Cadillac XTS Masterpiece.

Cadillac XTS Masterpiece

The stylish design of this hearse will help your funeral home stick out from the crowd. A composite one-piece body and a bumper protection system make this a sturdy, reliable choice as well.

Coachwest Provides Quality Funeral Cars for Sale

With so many funeral cars for sale on the market, we at Coachwest know we can’t get away with offering anything but the best. The hearses, conversion coaches, and funeral limousines are provided by Federal Coach and S&S, two of the best companies on the market. They convert comfortable, stylish, and reliable Cadillacs and Lincolns into beautiful, functional funeral cars perfect for your business. Contact Coachwest today to get a closer look at our vehicles.