Sprinter – Limousines for Sale

At Coachwest Luxury Performance & Motorcars, we pride ourselves in having the best quality vehicles for our customers. We have a variety of Sprinter limousines for sale that offer some of the most luxurious features available in a limousine. We have three different floorplans available in our Sprinter limousines for sale. If you are looking for true comfort, true style, and true reliability, you’ve found the right place in Coachwest Luxury Performance & Motorcars.

Sprinter Limousines for Sale

The Sprinter Limousines at Coachwest are a great choice for those in the market for a luxury limousine. We offer three different kinds of Sprinter Limousines for sale to suit your needs and comfort level.

Seating Options

Each Sprinter Limousine has a 12 passenger seating capacity with Chairmen Bentley style seat stitching. The Sprinter Limousine Edition features 2 L-shaped benches. The Sprinter Executive Limousine Edition features an L-shaped bench with two bucket seats at the rear of the vehicle. The Limousine Plus Edition has both an L-shaped bench and a corresponding bench on the other side of the limo.

Most of our Sprinter Limousines for sale boast a large luggage area for the convenience of your passengers. The Sprinter Limousine Plus Edition, however, boasts a larger door width and interior space instead of trunk storage space.

Technical Specs

Along with the variety of seating options, there are many technical specifications available in our Sprinter Limousines for sale. Each limousine features a 26.4 gallon fuel tank and an unmodified OEM Body. The Sprinter Chassis features a Blue Tec 3.0 liter V6 turbo diesel engine and power mirrors, locks, and windows.For the driver, there is a rear backup camera and touch screen controls.

There are three 12-volt outlets available in the passenger area along with a 32” LED TV with DVD capabilities. Passengers can enjoy the rear audio system with AM/FM capabilities and drinks at the included bar.

Avalon Edition

The Avalon Edition Sprinter Limo Bus boasts similar features to its limousine counterparts with a few distinct differences. The Avalon has fewer seats but a larger overhead storage compartment. Passengers can still take advantage of the included bar and use the 12 volt power point to charge their devices.

Limousine Sales at Coachwest

Whether you are in the market for an extravagant limousine or want one that balances value and luxury, Coachwest has a variety of limousines for sale to meet your needs. For more information on the limousines we have available or any of our other vehicles, contact us today at Coachwest for information and pricing options.