Coachwest offers a broad selection of Federal Coach limousines, and we aim to provide the perfect vehicle for your service or corporation. Our funeral cars for sale are of the highest quality, and whether you’re looking for a traditional hearse or a multi-purpose limo van, you’re bound to find it here at Coachwest.

Selecting the perfect vehicle for your needs can be a difficult task, but Coachwest likes to make it easy with our selection of funeral cars for sale. Go traditional with one of our stylish hearse designs. You can’t go wrong with these sleek and spacious models.

If you want a more modern feel, take a look at our selection of First Call Vans and funeral coach conversions. With the sleek design of a Caravan or Town & Country, these versatile funeral vans function as hearses but also serve your traditional transportation needs.

Coachwest Selection of Funeral Cars for Sale

Funeral Cars for Sale: SUV Conversion

SUV Funeral Coach Conversions

If you like our Caravan and Town & Country funeral vans but want something even more modern and stylish, look no further than our SUV Funeral Coach Conversions. We combine the comfort and space of an SUV with the functionality of a hearse.

Funeral Cars for Sale: Cadillac XTS Renaissance

Cadillac XTS Renaissance

More and more often loved ones are turning to the calming influence of white when looking for a hearse. Add to this the quality and style of the Cadillac XTS Renaissance, and you have a funeral car for the modern family.

Funeral Cars for Sale: Cadillac XTS Raised Roof 70

Cadillac XTS Raised Roof 70

Funerals bring emotion and mourning, and families don’t need any more on their minds. Of the funeral cars for sale on the market today, few offer the reliability and lasting value of Cadillac limousines. Don’t get caught with a limousine that won’t last, and avoid any added grief by ensuring loved ones get to and from the funeral without the least bit of worry.

Funeral Cars for Sale: Cadillac XTs 48 Raised Roof

Cadillac XTS 48 Raised Roof

With the look, feel, and comfort Cadillac is known for, the Cadillac XTS 48 is sure to bring families a relaxed, comfortable ride to their loved one’s final resting place.

Funeral Cars for Sale: Chrysler Town & Country

Chrysler Town & Country First Call Van

If you want versatility and functionality, this van is for you. If you need to transport chairs or staff to the funeral, you can easily remove the landau panels and casket floor.

Funeral Cars for Sale: Dodge Grand Caravan

Dodge Grand Caravan First Call Van

Our Dodge Grand Caravan First Call Vans work for any situation that might arise. Transport flowers or a crew by removing the casket floor or pulling out the Stow & Go seating.

Funeral Cars for Sale: Lincoln MKT Eaton

Lincoln MKT Eaton

Though this car comes with features built to last, it looks goods and comfortably seats a family with plenty of legroom and headroom.

Funeral Cars for Sale: Lincoln MKT Stratford

Lincoln MKT Stratford

With all-wheel-drive, a v6 engine, and a back-up camera, the Lincoln MKT Stratford comes fully equipped to overcome any difficulties.

Funeral Cars for Sale: Cadillac XTS Heritage

Cadillac XTS Heritage

This hearse elicits descriptions such as bold, big, and elegant. With its spacious interior and sloped outer design, the Cadillac XTS Heritage is bound to become an extremely popular funeral car in the near future.

Funeral Cars for Sale: Cadillac XTS Ambassador

Cadillac XTS Ambassador

The Cadillac XTS Ambassador Limousine offers space to mourn and grieve with a forward facing center bench seat and extra legroom. The overhead control panel and climate control system make for a comfortable ride for all mourners.

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