How to Improve the Gas Mileage of Your Sprinter Van

Gas pump pouring coins into a piggy bank — representing gas savings in your Sprinter Van.

Sprinter Vans are excellent transportation vehicles for a number of businesses. Being able to comfortably transport many people in luxury is great for the customers as well as the business owner. However, sprinter vans can also use a lot of gas to operate. As fuel prices are constantly changing, owners are always looking for ways to save money. Today, Coachwest shares some tips that you can use to save on fuel costs with your sprinter van.

Accelerate Slowly

It is completely normal to want to get to your destination as quickly as possible. We all like to unleash our inner speed demon from time to time. Unfortunately, quickly accelerating is incredibly inefficient. The faster you accelerate and the faster you drive, the more drag your sprinter van has to work against. As your engine works harder to counteract that drag, it burns more fuel.

The same principle is similar with braking. In general, drivers use the gas pedal far too close to when they need to stop. It is much more fuel-efficient to allow your vehicle to slowly decelerate as you approach your stop.

Inflate Your Tires to the Correct Pressure

One of the simplest measures you can take when improving your fuel efficiency is to ensure that your tires are filled to the correct pressure. Many drivers feel that as long as their tires are able to perform that their tire pressure is fine. However, tire pressure and tread health are major factors in the resistance that your vehicle creates with the road. Having low-pressure tires forces your engine to work harder to move, costing you fuel efficiency.

Avoid Idling When Unnecessary

This seems like a simple step, but especially in the transportation industry, many drivers tend to leave their vehicle idling while waiting for their next pick-up. What many sprinter van owners do not know is that idling can actually burn over a gallon of fuel per hour. Think of all the times you have your sprinter van idling while waiting for customers to load and unload. This time really adds up quickly. Instead, shut your vehicle off while you wait and save that gas.

Obviously, when the climate is a factor you may need to keep your vehicle’s heat or A/C on. But on nice, breezy days, shut your vehicle down and save.

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