The Crown Landaulet Hearse Car is a classic example of innovation and tradition coming together to create a funeral coach that is beautifully handcrafted.  Its clean lines and contours speak to the artistry that went in to this design and the traditional landau meets up with the curved rear glass adding to its distinctive style.

Features / Options Include
  • Cadillac XTS Chassis
  • 46” Rear Floor
  • 1600 Rear Door Opening
  • 12 Rollers
  • Partition Glass
  • Extended Sill Plate
  • Full Size Spare Tire
  • Crown Brand Standard
  • Standard Grill Strobes
  • Side Door Name Plate Holders
  • Church Truck Well
  • 20” Chrome Wheels
  • Side Strobes
  • Visor Strobes
  • Quad Grill Strobes
  • Retractable Urn Holder
  • Simulated Etched Glass
  • Customized Embroidery
  • Half Painted Roof
  • Special Paint / Tri-Coat
  • Dual Battery System
  • Flagstaff Holder & Flags
  • Sconces in Front Window
  • Full Length Rear Carpet
  • Lower Rocker Stainless
  • Electronic Extend Table
  • Load Door Cadillac Wreath

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