woman leans out of mercedes sprinter van

In with the Trends: How to Live in a Mercedes Sprinter Van

As DIY continues in popularity alongside minimalist lifestyles, more young people are finding their homes on the open roads. While some adventure enthusiasts prefer the retro style of a VW bus or a conversion van, others are choosing sprinter vans for their ride.

Sprinter vans — similar to the Mercedes Sprinter Van you’ll find for sale at Coachwest, for instance — offer a bit more customizability and headroom than the other options. Read on as Coachwest explains the advantages of a Mercedes Sprinter Van for this style of living.

Freedom to Roam

Because sprinter vans typically get better gas mileage than regular van options, a Mercedes Sprinter Van will keep you on the road longer, with fewer pit stops (for gas, at least). Many van-dwellers post regularly on blogs, documenting their experiences through photos and journal entries. If their posts are any indication, the sense of freedom they feel is one of the biggest perks of van living. They’re away from offices and cramped city apartments. They may have no destination, and every day offers new discoveries.


This can be a tricky issue for van living. There are many costs to consider, but the general consensus about living out of something like a Mercedes Sprinter Van is that the upfront costs may be high, but the overall yearly cost tends to be lower than what young van-dwellers would otherwise pay on rent in costly cities. Because the lifestyle requires that a person learn to live out of a small space, they learn to live with less, which saves a bit of cash as well.


People living out of Mercedes Sprinter Vans report much greater senses of self-sufficiency with their new road-based lives. Because they are always on the go, and because breakdowns and problems can arise at any time of day, they have to learn to deal with many issues themselves. This includes dealing with leaks, engine trouble, axle trouble, or a variety of other problems.

Experience it All

Individuals and couples living out of converted Mercedes Sprinter Vans note that they feel like they’re much more able to experience the country. Because they are on the road often and sometimes must rely on the kindness of locals for tools or repairs, they meet a lot of new people. They also get to travel regularly, seeing things they never thought they might see before.

Mercedes Sprinter Vans at Coachwest

Whether you’re seeking adventure on the Pan-American Highway or simply looking for a Sprinter to shuttle your hotel guests, Coachwest has you covered. We have a number of Mercedes Sprinter Vans to choose from. They’re decked out and ready to go. Interested? Call Coachwest today at (310) 609-2900.