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The funeral business is rapidly changing as more customers choose to memorialize their loved ones in ever-evolving ways. For example, people are choosing to opt for cremations and green burials more than ever before. In response, funeral business owners need to evolve to match their customer’s demands. Today, Coachwest will discuss the many ways funerals have changed over the years, and we will explain how your funeral vehicle can help your company adapt.

Cremations Are More Common

One trend, partially driven by cost, is how many families choose to have their loved ones cremated instead of buried. For the last century, most Americans have taken care of their dead in a very specific way. Whether because of religious or familial tradition, the vast majority of families held funerals to celebrate the passing of their loved ones. In the last decade, however, more families opted for cremation than ever. It is estimated that by 2030, the cremation rate will rise to 70 percent.


One way funeral businesses are changing in order to meet these demands is through their services. Most modern funeral vehicles offer an optional urn holder, with electronic and portable versions available. As the traditional ceremony at the cemetery becomes less common, many families opt to have non-traditional sendoffs. Funeral drivers often transport the ashes of the deceased to a meaningful location that will allow families to scatter their loved ones’ ashes in a place that was important to them.

Pre-planned Funerals

Many individuals are opting to plan their own funeral, to save their loved ones the trouble of planning and paying for their deaths. Planning your own funeral may seem like a gloomy affair, but the reality is that many feel a sense of relief when they know that they will not be a burden to their families after their passing.

As such, funeral homes must offer their customers flexibility and customization like never before. Customers often want their ceremony to be unique to them, with a service that is tailored to their life and personality. People are less likely to choose a standard event filled with rituals. Instead, many families have a life celebration event, breaking the traditional conventions that used to be standard.

To evolve with these changes, many funeral homes offer a wide range of ceremonies, services, and options that can be tailored to the customer.

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