Friends in an SUV Limo

Should I Hire a SUV Limo or a Party Bus?

Let’s get one thing settled right away: you can’t go wrong with either. If you choose a coach bus, you will have a fantastic time. If you choose an SUV limo, you will have an equally fantastic time. The SUV limos and party coach buses available at Coachwest scream comfort, luxury, and fun. So really this all depends on your situation. There are features unique to both types of rentals, and these features might give you a better sense of which to choose for your occasion.

Perks of an SUV Limo

Very few vehicles impress in the same way an SUV limo does. It perfectly blends the style and grace of a limo with the power and space of an SUV. When you hire a stretch SUV, you know you will have space for a close-knit group of friends and you will arrive at your event in style.

Perks of a Party Coach Bus

What a coach bus lacks in simple style and brutal beauty, it more than makes up for in pure practicality and fun. A coach bus gives you one thing that no limo or stretch SUV ever will: size. Coachwest buses come in all kinds of sizes, but even the smallest buses fit as many people as a limousine.

So Which Vehicle Works Best for What Events?

As you can see, there is only really a few things to choose between the two. When you have a nice party coach bus, it can often feel as exciting and fun as a limousine, but it will lack some sizzle and excitement.


As prom tends to be more cultivating intimacy and creating magic, the Coachwest team gives the nod to the SUV limo. It still feels fresh and fun due to the fact that it’s an SUV and not a traditional limousine, but it still offers a level of intimacy and romance that a coach bus never could.


At first glance, we want to call this one a coin toss and move on, but really this depends on the type of wedding. If the bride and groom want to depart by themselves in traditional fashion, then it makes no sense to hire a coach bus. On the other hand, if you want to celebrate your wedding by partying with your closest friends on the way to the reception, the coach bus is the way to go.

Find the Best Luxury Vehicles at Coachwest

Nobody does luxury vehicles like Coachwest. We have got you covered for any event. From traditional stretch limos to coach buses, we are the place to go when you want to arrive elsewhere in style. Contact Coachwest today.