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Funeral Cars for Sale: Little-Known Hearse Facts

When looking for funeral cars for sale, have you ever stopped to think about the significance of these unique vehicles? Hearses have become a staple of cultures all throughout the world and therefore have developed some new and interesting associations. Coachwest Luxury Performance & Motorcars gathered some of the most fascinating, yet little-known facts about funeral cars for you to keep in mind next time you are researching hearse sales.

Color Symbolism

In western culture, most funeral cars are black. This is because of the symbolic association the color has with death and mourning. The dark color of the car alludes to the grave times endured by those following it in a procession. This is also why many people choose to wear black or other dark, muted colors to funerals. However, some funeral cars may come in white, which some people believe signifies a new life for the deceased. Whatever your understanding may be, the color of hearses have become a predominant detail pertaining to luxury transportation. Next time you are looking for funeral cars for sale, you may remember some of these color perceptions and how they relate to you.

The Landau Bar

When exploring funeral cars for sale, have you ever noticed that many models have a slightly curved, S-shaped bar toward the back on either side of the vehicle? Known as the “landau bar,” this design element gets its roots from the traditional horse-drawn funeral carriages that featured a convertible-like retractable roof. The roofing was connected in the middle by this elegant looking shaft, which became standard in most hearse designs for years to come. Following the introduction of motorized funeral cars, the landau bar stuck around as an ode to history and to add an elegance to the vehicle.

The Origin of Hearse

The word hearse comes from the French word “herse,” which is used to describe the structure that supports candles surrounding an altar. The word later transitioned into meaning any sort of object that contained a coffin. The word has been associated with funeral vehicles since the 1600s, which is now why you may see it used to describe funeral cars for sale.

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