fleet of limos financed through Coachwest

Coachwest Financing Options

As auto manufacturers continue to push the limits of vehicle technology – especially in the luxury vehicle, sedan, and limousine markets – livery services have to stay relevant. Because customers want to ride in a vehicle with the sleekest, the coolest, and the newest amenities, it does not always make sense for these companies to purchase their vehicles.

Additionally, luxury vehicles themselves can carry extravagant price tags. For these reasons, Coachwest is happy to offer financing on its vehicles. Not only does financing help businesses purchase vehicles for the fleets, it also allows Coachwest customers to keep up with the latest and greatest on their luxury & performance vehicles.

Here we detail some of the advantages of financing through Coachwest, and we also offer information on the two financing options we offer: the straight lease and the lease purchase.

Straight Lease

The straight lease is simply a traditional lease. On average, the term of our straight lease is 60 months, but we can make different arrangements as needed. Upon signing the lease, you will agree to a certain mileage limit and condition in which the car must be returned once the lease is up. Assuming that the car meets these conditions, you will simply return it with no further responsibility.

Over the years, we have found that the straight lease works very well for drivers and services who are not interested in keeping their vehicle for many years. Rather, this option works best for drivers and services who will be looking to upgrade or lease a newer model as tastes, models, and styles change. With the straight lease, you only pay for a portion of the car’s life, so it retains value after the term to be re-sold or leased again.


The lease-purchase option functions differently than the straight lease. In this setup, the lessee is essentially paying toward gaining ownership of the vehicle. If it helps, the lease-purchase is basically the same as financing a vehicle through a bank loan, except you’ll be financing it straight through Coachwest. The typical term for this arrangement is also 60 months but we can adjust this as necessary, depending on the needs of our clients. Payments can run a bit higher for this option because you will be paying for the entire value of the car, rather than a portion of it.

The lease-purchase is the go-to option for lessees who intend to keep their vehicles for a number of years.

Finance Your Luxury Vehicles Through Coachwest

With over 20 years of experience in selling and leasing luxury vehicles, Coachwest has the expertise and know-how to put you in the right vehicle for you, your company, and your customers. If you have questions about any of the vehicles in our inventory, please give us a call. Our talented and friendly staff are ready to hand you the keys to your new ride today.