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Expect to Find These Features On Your Mercedes Sprinter Van

The Mercedes Sprinter van is a highly versatile vehicle that has been invaluable to delivery services and transport services alike. These economical vehicles can be converted to accommodate passengers as a luxury transport or stripped out to allow for maximum storage capacity.

Their usefulness to these two industries means that the Mercedes Sprinter Van must meet the utmost demands for safety, fuel efficiency, comfortability, and more. Many models have advanced features to ensure that the vehicle meets and exceeds those demands.

Having provided luxury and performance vehicles to drivers and livery services for over 20 years, Coachwest has seen more than its share of Mercedes Sprinter Vans, which were actually first produced in 1995. Here we discuss some of the features that buyers can expect to find on newer models of the Mercedes Sprinter Van.

Better Control

Anyone who has driven a Mercedes Sprinter Van or any other commercial vehicle of significant height can attest to the real pains of fighting the steering wheel in a crosswind. When your vehicle is being battered by crosswinds, you find yourself having to adjust your steering, leaning a bit into the wind. Not only is this annoying, but it means that you’re applying uneven pressure across your tires, which, after any great distance, can begin to affect the function of the vehicle. Since 2015, Mercedes has included Crosswind Assist on their Sprinter Vans, a program which measures the force of crosswind and responds by applying brake force. This prevents drivers from having to fight with their vehicles, allowing them an easier and more relaxed ride.

Better Alerts

While improved control means improved safety for your drivers and your passengers alike, what about things beyond your driver’s control? A newer Mercedes Sprinter Van may come with features such as collision prevention assistance, lane keeping assistance, and a rearview camera. These features all incorporate video and electronic response technology to anticipate collisions, drifting out of a lane, or other unsafe movements and alert the driver immediately.

Better Recovery

When you purchase a new Mercedes Sprinter Van from Coachwest, chances are that your vehicle may come with Rescue Assist. This simple feature allows first-responders to scan a code on your vehicle which lets them know the locations of vital parts of the vehicle, including batteries and airbags. This kind of information can be crucial to performing safe and effective recovery if anything should happen to you or your passengers.

Buy Your Next Mercedes Sprinter Van from Coachwest

Check out our inventory, which includes the Mercedes Sprinter Van, here. When you find the one you’re looking for, don’t hesitate to give us a call to learn what great features the model will offer. While not all of the models we carry will have all of these features described above, we’ll be more than happy to help you find the right vehicle for you and your business.