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Coachwest: Why Uber Can’t Replace Limos

In today’s oversaturated private hire vehicle market, too many people mistake the newest and most advertised options for the best options. When it comes to the hire-end hire vehicle market, this simply isn’t true. No matter which way our Coachwest team has looked at it, limousine always beat out uber in the luxury rental market. Don’t believe us? We, at Coachwest, expected that. Let’s take a look at how we reached that conclusion.

Luxury, Luxury, Luxury

Limousines not only invented but also defined the modern luxury transportation industry. When most of the world bumbled up and down cobblestone streets on the backs of mules, limousines were paving the way in style. The evolution of style and comfort paved by limousines led the way for Cadillacs and the other higher-end sedans that companies like uber try to pass off as stylish and sophisticated. Though well-suited for families and company fleets, do Cadillacs come with stocked champagne, space for a party, and that excitement in your chest when you see it roll up? No, uber’s sedan fleet cannot compare to Coachwest limousines in terms of luxury.

Trained Drivers

Uber provides a worthy service, offering jobs for people with day jobs, artists, and stay at home parents. No one should ever discount that great service to our society, but do you want your perfect night in the hands of anyone other than a professional? You deserve the best on your night out.

No Rushing

How do Uber drivers get paid? Think about it. The faster they get you in and out of their vehicle, the more money they make. No judgment from the Coachwest team. There is a place and time for getting somewhere on time. If you are looking for the perfect night out, however, you want the journey to rival the destination. You don’t want to feel rushed from one spot to the other. What you do want, though, is to see your own personal limo rounding the corner as you wait outside the first stop of the night. You want to know that it is there for you and will take you on all of your stops, no questions asked, no worries, no scrambling for phones to call the next driver.

Get a Limousine from Coachwest

If you want to find a limousine, look no further than Coachwest. We have it all: luxury coach buses, SUV limos, and stretch limousines. Contact Coachwest and take a look at our inventory today.