This Ameritrans F-Series Coach Buses Makes a Great Parking Shuttl

Which Coachwest Buses Make the Best Parking Shuttles?

When a traveler arrives at the airport, already tired from the drive, the last thing they want is to get packed into an uncomfortable, small parking shuttle and shipped off to the airport. Sadly, that’s often what happens. If you are in the airport industry, then you should consider how your parking shuttles affect your consumers. Traveling already makes many people grumpy or anxious, and the simple act of providing a comfortable coach bus for their ride to and from the parking lot can make them more inclined to use your airport in the future. At Coachwest, we offer a selection of the best parking shuttle coach buses on the market today. If your airport has old, uncomfortable, and unreliable parking shuttles, take a look at our top picks.

Ameritrans F-Series & E-Series

These custom built and reliable coach buses from Ameritrans redefine comfort. The E-Series makes room for up to 25 passengers. Unlike many shuttles, this bus seats those passengers comfortably with plenty of legroom and unique floor plans to match your needs. Available at Coachwest, the F-Series comfortably seats 31 passengers. Built to last on the reliable chassis of the Ford F550, the F-Series will last you a long time. It runs well for not only parking shuttles but is also great for longer journeys and charter operations.

Diamond Coach Buses

Coachwest offers five fantastic Diamond coach options. You will find the perfect shuttle for your needs with this company. The largest bus, the VIP 3201, comes equipped with 19-inch seats that seat up to 32 passengers. You will also find 28-seater, 25-seater, 21-seater, and 17-seater options for sale at Coachwest. These buses all come with independent seats, fabric ceiling panels, and unique floor plans.

Executive Coach

If you offer first class parking or shuttles for first class travelers, then Executive Coach is the best option for you. These buses come equipped with only the finest features. Spacious and comfortable, these buses come with all different floor plans and seat anywhere between 20 and 24 guests comfortably. You can buy one equipped with a bar and televisions for added entertainment. If you have VIP clientele and want to show them the best, then you should check out the Executive Coach options.

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