A Tourist Road a Coach Bus to the Grand Canyon

Popular Coach Bus Tour Locations

Many Americans find themselves taking for granted that we live in a beautiful country. We get stuck in the day-to-day grind, and we see the same faces and same landscape every day on our way to and from work. The truth is, however, that stunning landscapes surround us. For those of us who can find the time and money, a coach bus tour can really bring this beautiful country to life, and tour companies have begun taking notice recently, offering trips to all different locales across the Southwest, Alaska, New England, the Rockies, and the West Coast.

These coach bus tours are no longer just for senior citizens. Exciting locations and a newfound love of the environment has helped jump start the tour bus industry.

The Grand Canyon

What list of popular vacations would be complete without the listing the Grand Canyon? One of the seven natural wonders of the world, the Grand Canyon wows even the most cynical among us.

Riding through the deserts of Arizona in a comfortable coach bus can be almost as much of a treat. If you plan on providing an upscale tour from Las Vegas, check out Coachwest’s selection of Executive Coach buses. Long distance tours or economy tours to the Grand Canyon might warrant an Ameritrans or Diamond option.

See Alaska

A wildlife playground, Alaska redefines natural beauty. Running a bus tour from popular cruise destinations into the heart of the state will entice all kinds of tourists. Think reliability when looking for the right bus for your tour. Many travelers will be looking for a bit of adventure, so luxury may not matter as much as a group hopping over to the Grand Canyon from their casino hotels.

From the tourist’s perspective, the Alaskan wilderness is a must-see. From glaciers to the largest mountain to untouched woodlands, the state is awe-inspiring. If you are lucky, you might even catch a brief glimpse of the aurora borealis.

Maine Coastline

Known for its crab and lobster, Maine offers gorgeous coastline and quaint towns. Traveling the coast by bus allows visitors to take in the breathtaking scenery in a comfortable way. Stop by Portland, the main port of the state, and take in the atmosphere unique to the region. These tours are great for anyone who loves the relaxing sea, rugged coastline, and gorgeous lighthouses.

Get a Coach Bus for Your Tour Company

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