woman sits patiently in an SUV Limo from Coachwest

Use an SUV Limo for These Three Events

Not all celebratory events are created equal. Where guests may want to arrive in a cool and low-key style to some events, others demand a bit more extravagance and head-turning appeal. That’s where the SUV limo comes in.

The SUV limo is just as it sounds, an extended-cab SUV. It offers the near-presidential distinction of an SUV with the comfortability and spaciousness of a limousine. These roomy vehicles are often decked out with all the luxury essentials: video players and screens, great sound systems, intimate and exciting lighting, minibars, and more. Guests can often expect to find touchscreen displays as well which allow them to control things like lighting, temperature, volume, and other details of their ride, so they’ll be perfectly prepared to make an appearance and whatever event they may be attending.

If you’re driving for or running a livery service, here are three events where you may encourage your customers to go for the upgraded appeal of an SUV limo.

Homecoming, Prom

People in communities all over love to celebrate their children’s milestones, which includes high school events like homecoming and prom. Where many students may arrive in limos or their dad’s sports car, others will want something with a bit more. Why not recommend an SUV limo? The SUV limo will ensure that the students are not only lined up with all the coolest amenities inside, but they’ll look like superstars stepping out of the vehicle and strutting onto the dance floor.

Premieres and Debuts

These events represent a culmination of great efforts. Premieres of movies or new, exquisite works of art represent hours on hours of difficult labor. Events like these can attract a lot of attention, and your guests deserve their chance in the spotlight. Make sure they turn some heads and enter their event with confidence by setting them up with an SUV limo to transport them to the red carpet.

Corporate Events

Everyone knows that maintaining face among co-workers can be extremely important to business affairs. In the highly-competitive and fierce corporate world, appearances mean a lot. And sometimes, you just have to make a statement. No need for subtleties here, arriving in an SUV limo can be just the move your guests need to let their competitors know that business is booming.

Find Your Next SUV Limo at Coachwest

An SUV limo is a great way to attract attention to your livery service. When you decide to make this awesome addition to your fleet, give Coachwest a call. With over 20 years of experience helping limousine services build out their fleets of luxury vehicles, we’re sure to have the right ride for you and your customers. Check out our inventory or reach us at (310) 609-2900.